Missional Communities

  • Birchfield Missional Community

    Hosts: Richard and Teresa Barry

    Leader: Bill Spring (click to email)

    Location: 2405 Birchfield Rd, Yakima

    Day/Time: Thursdays, 6pm

  • Breakfast Club (Missional Community)

    Hosts: Bill and Beverly Spring

    Leader: Justin Stiles (click to email)

    Location: 9800 Bittner Rd, Yakima

    Day/Time: Saturdays, 10am

  • Moxee missional community

    Hosts: Kevin and Courtney Melone

    Leader: Kevin Melone  (click to email)

    Location: 509 Columbus Ave, Moxee

    Day/Tme: Sundays, 5pm

  • Yakima Missional Community

    Hosts: Chris and Chelsey Bell

    Leader: Chris Bell  (click to email)

    Location: 1011 S 21st Ave, Yakima

    Day/Time: Tuesdays, 6pm