Our Story

Our call to plant churches in the Yakima Valley has been a true there-and-back-again journey. A decade ago we were serving the Lord in a small Sourthern Baptist church in Yakima, Washington. Through a series of circumstances, the Lord led me (Michael) out of ministry as a worship leader and into a ministry of military service. Since then we have been faithfully serving God wherever He has sent us,, waiting for the next call from the Lord. When God stirred the call to plant a church in my heart, it caused me to begin a long journey of praying for direction, studying the Bible, and seeking counsel. Together, we began to explore the implications of becoming a church-planting family and to pray that God would reveal His perfect timing and right circumstances to make the transition from militarty service to church planting service. In the Spring of 2013, God began to open opportunities in the very place we had served almost ten years earlier. He has given us a renewed passion for the lost and hurting in the Yakima Valley. Along with an amazing partner in Terrace Heights Baptist Church, we share a vision to see God glorified by making disciples and planting churches in the Yakima Valley.